Honours a physician who, during his/her career has exemplified excellence in teaching future physicians and inspires each of them to learn and grow in their chosen field of medicine. Nominators should take into consideration the quality of clinical teaching, impact and breadth of teaching provided, and mentorship to learners and other teachers provided by the candidate.

We have cancelled the June 4th Physician Recognition Event this year, in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Previous Winners


Dr. Sean Travers, Anesthesiologist
Dr. Sean Travers joined the Service of Anaesthesia shortly after the inception of the Northern Ontario School of Medicine (NOSM) and immediately recognized the need for Anaesthesia teaching to be an integral part of the programme. He sits on the resident committee for Anaesthesia for NOSM and took this on without any prompting. Ever since then he has worked with our service, and with the Anaesthesia programme at NOSM to make the anaesthesiology team at North Bay Regional Health Centre a much sought after experience at NOSM.  He arranges schedules, personally welcomes residents and medical students and coordinates feedback on their anaesthesia experience. He has involved all of our service members in teaching according to their interests and special skills. He is an excellent clinical teacher and arranged for Anaesthesia to participate in a half day teaching residents as well as at their annual conference. He is patient, kind and knowledgeable and he gets excellent reviews from the students passing through. He has put in many extra hours to help our students with must evidence-based teaching in Anaesthesia. He has overseen the payment process for the teaching the service has done, ensured that all of the service members has been involved in the spending of these monies and has never asked for any remuneration for the extra hours or work he has contributed to the process.


Dr. Ian Cowan, Chief Department of General & Family Practice & Family Medicine Physician
Dr. Ian Cowan has been a pillar in medical education since his involvement in producing the inaugural edition of the famed Toronto Notes during his education at U of T. Since then, he has been involved in the education and training of countless medical students, residents, and colleagues by making himself available to take on learners through electives and placements, providing teaching in individual and group scenarios, and lecturing at conferences and events. The lessons learned from Dr. Cowan are not limited to the most recent, evidence based diagnostic and treatment information either; he consistently provides an excellent example of compassionate, patient-centered care for all clinicians to emulate.

He has demonstrated a respect for the contributions and expertise of others in the medical community and does not hesitate to encourage learners to benefit from them as well.

When providing feedback and evaluation to learners, Dr. Cowan is noted to be fair, direct, and supportive, highlighting areas of strength as well as providing suggestions for areas of improvement along with strategies and opportunities for learning in identified areas of need.

Dr. Cowan is deeply admired for his expansive knowledge base, professional approach, and contributions to the North Bay medical community, not in the least limited to past and current, learners. He exemplifies someone who is a skilled clinician, gifted teacher and passionate mentor. This has made him well respected by his colleagues and learners alike.


Dr. Ann Marie McKenna, Internal Medicine Physician
Dr. McKenna has certainly exemplified excellence in her teaching of countless future physicians, not only at NBRHC, but also across Canada. In 2013, she pioneered and developed the first Internal Medicine Review course offered in Canada. She recognized a need, and took the initiative to develop this two-day course for Canadian PGY4 Internal Medicine residents preparing for their final exams. Dr. McKenna developed the course materials herself, and has since presented it yearly with rave reviews to sellout crowds of eager learners – a testament to the quality of her teaching. Dr. McKenna’s encouragement of multidisciplinary and team-based healthcare, as well as her honest appraisal of others’ roles is also admirable. Dr. McKenna is a true role model in teaching – one who makes herself accessible to learners, takes the initiative to teach students near and far, and provides an unparalleled quality of teaching. She is a cheerleader for the entire medical team, and gives credit to all contributing members. Her commitment to, and passion for teaching is incredible.


Dr. Michael Arthurs, Emergency Medicine Physician
Dr. Arthurs has received the Jean Rochefort Teaching award for being an outstanding educational leader in the Emergency Department. He is a highly regarded clinician and models this role with all his learners in the department. He spends time orienting learners and always goes over and above to ensure they have understood clinical decisions so that learning occurs. Dr. Arthurs has always led by example; he is respectful, calm and a good communicator with students and residents. He even comes in on his days off to teach and follow-up on learning objectives.


Dr. James Truong, Family & Emergency Medicine Physician
Dr. James Truong has received the Jean Rochefort Teaching award for his work and dedication to teaching and mentoring medical residents and students. Dr. Truong has taught medical learners in both his community family practice and in the Emergency Department for the last decade. His role as teacher, facilitator and mentor has left a great impact on a number of his learners, and most to this day he still is in contact with. His love of teaching is seen by colleagues and learners alike and his passion for knowledge is transparent. His approach is evidence-based, yet flexible and fun. He inspires his medical learners and promotes a high standard of medicine. Dr. Truong provides the medical learners with a great source of support and exemplifies excellence in teaching.


Dr. Rick Senior, Family Physician
Dr. Rick Senior has received the Jean Rochefort Teaching award for his work and dedication to teaching and mentoring medical residents and students. Dr. Senior is the Site Director for the NOSM Family Medicine program, the Site Lead Clinician for the 3rd year NOSM Medical Students, Facilitator for the weekly Academic Rounds for the 3rd year medical students, Preceptor and a Professor at Nipissing University for the 2nd year Nursing Students. In addition to these teaching roles Dr. Senior has a busy family practice with the Near North Medical Clinic. He is extremely approachable and well respected by the medical learners, and has a true passion for teaching. In addition to his formal roles with NOSM he prepares lessons on his own time on clinical topics that the learners would not officially learn otherwise (ex: writing orders). Dr. Senior provides the medical learners with a great source of support, both academically and clinically and exemplifies excellence in teaching.