The Career Excellence Award is intended to recognize a physician who has demonstrated sustained excellence in delivery of clinical care in its broadest sense over the course of their career. This physician also exemplifies that medical profession’s highest values: commitment to services, outstanding leadership, career achievement, dedication to patient care and support for colleagues, staff and hospital administration.

We have cancelled the June 4th Physician Recognition Event this year, in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Previous Winners


Dr. Brian Shaw, Family Physician
Dr. Brian Shaw since opening his family practice in 1988 continues to enjoy a busy, well-rounded, diverse clinical practice. His dedication to the practice of medicine and the community of North Bay has impacted on many lives.

From a clinical standpoint his practice has been broad and diverse. His early career involved running a family practice, working shifts in the ER, and doing Surgical Assist in the North Bay hospital. As his practice grew and his patients began to age he took on additional responsibilities as one of two physicians running Nipissing Manor, a nursing home just outside North Bay. Dr. Shaw was instrumental in founding the Blue Sky Family Health Team, the first family health group in North Bay. Despite many challenges, he persisted in its set-up to ensure that his patients, and many of North Bay’s citizens, would have access to covered allied health services and after-hours care. Despite his busy clinical responsibilities, he always kept space for teaching and was rarely without a medical resident joining his practice. Many of his residents have gone on to open their own family practices within the community of North Bay.

Dr. Shaw has been a long-time advocate for mental health. He has spent over 20 years caring for inpatients at the North East Mental Health Center, now located at the NBRHC. During his work there he helped transition mental health care to a more community-involved model, encouraging patients to become more integrated in community programming, He continues to provide care to in-patients, and recently increased his patient load after a colleague’s retirement. In addition to being an individual who has gone above and beyond to be available to his patients and colleagues, he has also strived to fill care-gaps within the Community of North Bay. Most recently he has devoted his time to establishing and servicing out-patients with complex medical and addiction concerns at the Harm Reduction Home; the first of its kind in North Bay. Additionally, he has taken over the in-patient care on the geriatric psychiatry ward in the hospital to fill the void left after his esteemed colleague’s retirement.

Dr. Shaw’s dedication to medicine does not leave when he exits the hospital or clinic. Through his career he has dedicated time to improving the health and health literacy of individuals in our community and abroad. Locally he has run lectures on healthy aging for women’s groups, and internationally he has been involved in a number of medical mission trips providing primary care to impoverished communities abroad.

On a personal level he is always available, whether it be for emergency back-up, providing advice/guidance, or providing a supportive listening ear. These characteristics have been appreciated by his colleagues, allied health team members, and also by the many residents that he has mentored through his career.

Dr. Shaw has and continues to enrich the lives of patients, colleagues and the community with his dedication, compassion and enthusiasm for the medical profession. He has truly been a pioneer in the community of North Bay and has helped shape the landscape of medicine in the North.


Dr. Patricia Achiume, Psychiatrist
Dr. Achiume first started practicing medicine in 1966, later in 1987 switching to the field of psychiatry where she flourishes today. She works at the North Bay Regional Health Centre, Mental Health Clinic, and Canadian Mental Health Association in Sundridge; which has her commuting several hours a day to tend to various clinic appointments or to provide psychiatric consults for the Emergency Department. Through all this she makes time for her patients on the inpatient unit, reading every nursing note and engaging staff in thoughtful discussion related to patient care.

Dr. Achiume works tirelessly in the community and in hospital to ensure that patients’ needs are met; often working late into the night meeting with patients and their families well after most physicians have gone home for the day.

Dr. Achiume is a role model to all staff with her selfless work ethic. She personifies the ethos of the physician through the care and concern she shows every patient. She is not one to hide from a conflict, fearlessly going into exam rooms with patients five times her size to assess and provide emotional support to patients others might consider restraining rather than striking up a conversation. No matter how busy she gets she is still able to make time for family. She often spends her downtime with grandchildren doing various activities here in the north.

Dr. Achiume has been working in the medical profession for more than fifty years and her wealth of knowledge and work makes her an irreplaceable asset to this community, colleagues, patients and nursing staff.

Dr. David Lamont, General Surgeon
Dr. Lamont has been an outstanding general surgeon in North Bay since 1991. Dr. Lamont has demonstrated outstanding leadership and support for colleagues throughout his career. He has been a leader in the Department of Surgery, holding positions of Head of the Service of General Surgery and Chief of the Department for several years.

His dedication to his art and passion towards his patients are without comparison. His concern is always for his patients first and he never hesitates to help when needed. His excellent surgical skill set, expertise, patient centered care, and interpersonal / professional conduct are all exemplary. His patients love and respected him dearly. The allied medical staff have very high respects for him.

Dr. Lamont has been a champion of surgery not only for this hospital but also the community. He shows his commitment to the community, especially in his and his wife’s organization of their annual “Ride to Conquer Cancer”; benefitting Princess Margaret Cancer Centre. This is a cycling journey spans over two days and 200 km to show that cancer is no match against our conviction to conquer it.

His humble nature does not require recognition but all of his years of service and the lives saved does.


Dr. Inez Jinnah, Physician
Dr. Jinnah has been a family practitioner to the Community of North Bay for 16 years and practices out of the Near North Medical Clinic. Dr. Jinnah is recognized by many as simply one of the most compassionate and dedicated physicians working within the organization and the community. She genuinely dedicated and cares about not only her patients but the staff and the community as a whole. She has a special gift of making everyone around her feel valued and important; she is a great listener and her calm demeanor and approach is patient and kind. In addition to her busy family practice, Dr. Jinnah works tirelessly to provide exemplary care to hospitalized patients as well as those within the North Bay community at large. She consistently demonstrates leadership and mentorship skills. She is an active member of various hospital committees lending support to our palliative, dementia, and rehabilitation initiatives at the North Bay Regional Health Centre. Dr. Jinnah took the lead in spear-heading palliative care in both our hospital and the community. She has actively been providing support to the Near North Community Care Access Centre and the community palliative care program. She is tenacious and passionate about our patents ensuring that access to end of life care is available. Her knowledge, insight, enthusiasm and strong patient advocacy for the palliative care program has brought about positive changes that will continue to improve the care we provide to our palliative patients and their families. She is genuinely dedicated to her clients, the nursing team and her profession. She provides regular in-services on palliative care; specifically information relating to specific conditions, medications and best-practice interventions. Dr. Jinnah is and continues to make herself available for consult to other physicians in regards to managing clients who are palliative.


Dr. Joseph Madden, Paediatrician
Dr. Joseph Madden has received the Career Excellence Award for his exceptional contribution to paediatric care in the North Bay community. His practice style has been exemplary including his acute clinical judgement, exemplary hands-on care, and empathic counselling. Dr. Joseph Madden has, and remains, easily accessible to his colleagues. Over the years, he has exhibited obvious enjoyment of time spent with his patients whether in his office, his clinic in New Liskeard, in the NICU or with inpatients. Parents of sick children will attest that his calm and reassuring presence towards their child engendered an immediate sense of relief and a certainty that all would be well.


Dr. William (Bill) Finnis, Internal Medicine Specialist
Dr. Bill Finnis has received the Career Excellence Award for his exceptional dedication to the community and hospital since 1986. As a highly respected Internist, he has demonstrated outstanding leadership and support for his patients, staff and colleagues. He continually demonstrates his commitment to medical services including the Anticoagulation and Stroke Prevention Clinic, Critical Care Unit, Cardio Respiratory, Chemotherapy and the Peri-Operative Blood Conservation. A valued leader and team member he takes time to listen to staff and colleagues and often uses his great sense of humour to put both staff and patients at ease. He is an instrumental leader and champion that will be missed once he enters into the next phase of his life, retirement at the end of 2015.

Dr. William (Bill) Hodge, Radiology
Dr. Hodge is a brilliant and widely respected physician by both colleagues and staff. He continuously demonstrates his leadership in his progressive radiology department and has championed physical layout of the department as well as the choice of equipment for the various modalities that have since kept NBRHC Diagnostic Imaging truly technically advantaged. His continuous commitment to his department is noticed by Administration, colleagues and staff throughout the organization. His knowledge of medicine is comprehensive and is a tremendous resource to staff and colleagues throughout the hospital to sort out various complex clinical dilemmas. Dr. Hodge presents a faux-gruff exterior but is always helpful, insightful and generous.


Dr. Ian Cowan, Family Physician
Dr. Ian Cowan has received the Career Excellence Award for his work and leadership within the medical community and organization. He has held numerous roles since his start with the hospital and community in 1996. Upon his arrival, he started his career in the Emergency Department. He was then instrumental in forming the first true group practice in the city with the creation of the Northgate Medical Clinic Family Practice. Soon after his start with the hospital, Dr. Cowan took an administrative role as Chief of Staff for a three year term. During this time he was responsible for numerous initiatives to maintain specialist medical care in all disciplines. His term was challenging, but due to his extraordinary leadership abilities he managed to move forward and bring forth workable solutions. Upon completion of his Chief of Staff role, Dr. Cowan took a position with the NELHIN. He was noted for his excellent facilitation and mediation with the various stakeholders. In addition to his previously mentioned roles, Dr. Cowan is a coroner for numerous years and provides 24 hour service. In this role, the North Bay Police and the OPP have both commended him on his professionalism and dedication. Dr. Cowan demonstrates great leadership and is a true role model for staff, physicians and colleagues.